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Your important role in Paid Leave Oregon


What is Paid Leave Oregon?

Paid Leave Oregon is a new program that provides employees with paid time off for family, medical, and safe leave. Learn more about the types of leave people can apply for.

Forensic health nurse discusses how Paid Leave Oregon helps patients

Health care providers

What you need to know

Your role as a health care provider working with Paid Leave Oregon is important. Employees who are experiencing a serious health condition or who provide care for a family member with a serious health condition are eligible to apply for Paid Leave Oregon benefits.

As a provider, when someone in your care is eligible for Paid Leave, you might receive a request from them to complete a Serious Health Condition Verification Form. Employees must provide this documentation when they submit their application for benefits.

Your role with your patients

  • Determine if your patient’s condition qualifies as a serious health condition and how much time they need to take care of themselves or need care from a family member. The length of time should be based on the medical need.
  • Help your patient with the forms or documents they need to fill out to verify a serious health condition. If your patient or their family member asks you to fill out a verification form, please return it to your patient as soon as possible.

Employees can use any of the following forms of verification:

  • Paid Leave Oregon Verification of Serious Health Condition Form. Paid Leave provides this form. Forms will be available on the Forms page when the program starts.
  • Oregon and Federal Family and Medical Leave Health Care Provider Certification. The Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) provides this form. 
  • Other documentation from a health care provider that includes a brief description of the serious health condition, the date it started, and the date it is expected to end.
It may be useful to have copies of the accepted forms available to support your patients and their family members.
Health Care Providers: Family and Medical Leave Fact Sheet
Health Care Providers: Safe Leave Fact Sheet

Key terms

What is a serious health condition under Paid Leave Oregon?

A serious health condition is when a person or their family member has an illness or injury that:

  • Requires inpatient care
  • Poses danger of death or possibility of death in the near future
  • Requires constant or continuing care
  • Involves a period of incapacity
  • Involves multiple treatments
  • Involves a period of disability due to pregnancy
Please read the full definition and all the conditions Paid Leave Oregon considers a serious health condition.

Service providers

What you need to know

Service providers like victim service providers, social workers, police officers, Title IX coordinators, and people who work in adoption agencies or foster care organizations are important to the success of Paid Leave Oregon.

Your role

As a service provider, you can support the people you serve as they apply for Paid Leave benefits. Employees who are eligible to apply for Paid Leave benefits include: 

  • Survivors or parents of survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, bias crimes or stalking
  • Foster or adoptive parents who care for or want time to bond with their child during the first year after adoption or foster care placement

When an employee applies for Paid Leave, they may need to show documentation that verifies their need for leave. As a service provider, you can help them put together the forms or documents they need to provide.

Survivors or parents of survivors who apply for safe leave can use any of the following forms of verification:

  • Paid Leave Oregon Verification of Safe Leave Form. This is a self-attestation form survivors can use if they cannot access the documents mentioned below or if they are concerned for their own or their child’s safety. 
  • A copy of a federal agency state, local or Tribal police report
  • A formal complaint to a school’s Title IX coordinator
  • A copy of a protective order 
  • Other evidence from a federal, state, local or Tribal court, administrative agency, school’s Title IX coordinator, or attorney
  • Other documents from an attorney, law enforcement officer, health care provider, licensed mental health professional or counselor, a recognized representative of a religious community, or victim services provider

Foster or adoptive parents, who apply for family leave to care for or bond with their child can use any of the following forms of verification:

  • A copy of a court order that verifies the child’s placement  
  • A letter signed by the attorney representing the foster or adoptive parent that confirms the child’s placement  
  • A document from the foster care, adoption agency, or social worker involved in the child’s placement that confirms the placement  
  • A document for the child by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

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