How Paid Leave Oregon rules are made and who makes them.

Why rules are important

Paid Leave Oregon believes everyone should have access to paid time off when they need to care for themselves and their loved ones. The statute sets the stage for the program, but administrative rules are needed to explain the details. We strive to make sure the right policies, rules, and guidelines are in place that meet the needs of people in Oregon.

What is rulemaking and why is it important?

Administrative rules are needed for these reasons: 

  • Oregon statute states that it (the statute) needs to be further clarified or defined in rule, or 
  • If Oregon statute is not clear, the statute needs to be further clarified
When the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act passed in 2019, some sections brought up more questions than statutes could readily answer. What are “wages?” How are applications for benefits submitted? How will small employers with fewer than 25 employees receive their assistance grants?

Rulemaking is about answering these questions, and others, in order to provide clarity, but it is also about establishing a commitment to administrative practices to ensure consistency when working with the public. 

Rules have the full effect of law, so it is important to work with the community so our rules will work for everyone. Though the Oregon Employment Department has the final authority to write the rules, the law established a Rulemaking Advisory Committee to help guide the department through rulemaking decisions. You can learn more about the Paid Leave Rulemaking Advisory Committee, and if you are interested in finding out more details about how rules are created, visit our formal Rulemaking page.

Paid Leave Oregon rules

Paid Leave Oregon rules are created in batches. The rules help create the guidelines and requirements for Paid Leave Oregon. You can read, download, and find more information about:

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