Employer Toolkit

Your “quick start” to better understand your responsibilities and share information about Paid Leave benefits with your employees. This toolkit includes basic downloadable resources and links to get you started.

Tools to help meet requirements

Model Notice poster – Employers are required to print and post in the workplace by 

January 1, 2023 - Frances Online Info webpage – Learn how to file your quarterly contributions and other important tasks using Frances Online.

Tools to answer employer questions

Small Employers fact sheet – A quick overview for small employers. 

FMLA, OFLA, Paid Leave Oregon comparison chart – A chart developed in collaboration with BOLI, to help you understand the differences between the programs.

Employer guidebook – Written with employers in mind, this guidebook offers detailed answers for all aspects of the program.

Contact Us form – If you have a question and can’t find the answer, use this form to connect with us. We usually respond within two business days.  

Tools to give your employees

Paid Leave Oregon brochure – A printable brochure you can easily share with your staff to introduce them to Paid Leave Oregon.

Overview fact sheet – How Paid Leave Oregon works in less than two pages.

Contributions fact sheet – A quick look at how contributions fund the program and what employees can expect.

Benefits fact sheet – Explains the benefits provided by the program.

Events calendar – Weekly outreach and engagement events, both virtually and in-person across the state, where employees can learn more about our program.

Tools to spread the word on Social

It's time for Paid Leave Oregon – Downloadable image for Social Media.

Employers, get ready for Paid Leave Oregon (Video) –  A brief overview for Employers.

News bulletin sign-up

Stay up to date with the latest news as we roll out Paid Leave Oregon.