Meet the team and committee members making Paid Leave Oregon work.

Our team

Paid Leave Oregon is creating a program that will benefit all Oregon communities. This takes teamwork. We value the input, suggestions, and questions of many different communities and want to hear all points of view. It is an important part of the program’s success. Find out more about our leadership team and how you can stay connected, or join us at an upcoming event.
Karen Madden Humelbaugh
Karen Madden Humelbaugh, Director, Paid Leave Oregon

Karen Madden Humelbaugh (she/her) is director of Paid Leave Oregon. She is dedicated to putting the customer first...

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Juan Serratos
Juan Serratos, Deputy Director, Paid Leave Oregon

Juan Serratos (he/him) is the deputy director of Paid Leave Oregon. He has more than...

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Kelley Ofoni
Kelley Ofoni, Policy Manager, Paid Leave Oregon

Kelley Ofoni (she/her) is the policy manager for Paid Leave Oregon. She has been with...

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Danielle Willey
Danielle Willey, Operations Manager, Paid Leave Oregon

Danielle Willey (she/her) is the operations manager for Paid Leave Oregon. She has been with...

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Michele Schwartz
Michele Schwartz, Outreach and Engagement Manager, Paid Leave Oregon

Michele Schwartz (she/her) is the outreach and engagement manager for Paid Leave Oregon. She joined...

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Shannon Ball
Shannon Ball, Policy Lead, Paid Leave Oregon

Shannon Ball (she/her) is a policy lead for Paid Leave Oregon, focusing on drafting administrative...

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Ayesha Khalid
Ayesha Khalid, Economist, Paid Leave Oregon

Ayesha Khalid (she/her) joined Paid Leave Oregon as an economist in February 2020. Ayesha was...

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Angela Yeager
Angela Yeager, Communications Officer, Paid Leave Oregon

Angela Yeager (she/her) is the communications officer for Paid Leave Oregon. Angela comes to OED...

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Rachel Bruneau
Rachel Bruneau, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, Paid Leave Oregon

Rachel L Bruneau (she/her) is the equity and inclusion coordinator for Paid Leave Oregon and...

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Meet the Paid Leave Oregon Advisory Committee

The Paid Leave Oregon Advisory Committee is a group of people who represent communities in Oregon and give input on how Paid Leave Oregon is rolled out. The committee is made up of 9 people who offer important advice about the program’s policies, rules, administration, and more. Four members represent employees and advocacy groups, 4 represent employers (including small employers with fewer than 25 employees), and 1 represents the Oregon Employment Department.

Karen Madden Humelbaugh, Chair
Representing the Oregon Employment Department

Amanda Dalton, Dalton Advocacy
Representing business

Jenny Dresler, Public Affairs Counsel
Representing small employers

Linda Herrera, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)
Representing employee advocacy

Eric Hunter, CareOregon
Representing employers

Courtney Veronneau, Family Forward Oregon
Representing employee advocacy

Eva Rippeteau, Oregon’s American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (Oregon AFSCME)
Representing employees

JaJetta Dumdi, A-Dec
Representing employers

Catie Theisen, Oregon AFL-CIO
Representing employees

Find out more about future and past Paid Leave Oregon Advisory Committee meetings.

Meet the Rulemaking Advisory Committee

The Rulemaking Advisory Committee is a group of committee members from the Paid Leave Oregon Advisory Committee who give input on new rules or when rules change. The public is invited to give input and suggestions on changes to program rules or the creation of new rules, or any financial impacts they may have. Learn more about Rulemaking Advisory Committee meetings.

Get in touch

If you have questions, suggestions, input, or concerns about Paid Leave Oregon, we’d like to hear them. Our program is stronger when we learn from our communities.

If you have general questions, please email us at PaidLeave@Oregon.gov, and if you have questions about rulemaking, contact us at Rules@employ.oregon.gov.

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