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Tribal governments

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Find out what Paid Leave Oregon means for Tribal governments and how they can participate if they want to.

Tribal Government exemptions

Tribal governments are exempt from any requirement to participate in Paid Leave Oregon. But they can choose to participate if they want. Here’s what Tribal governments need to know:

  1. A Tribal government is “a federally recognized sovereign Tribal government whose borders lie within this state or an intertribal organization formed by two or more of those governments.”
  2. Tribal governments that want to provide Paid Leave benefits to their employees can choose coverage for some or all their businesses (each Business Identification Number)..
  3. When a Tribal government chooses to participate in Paid Leave coverage for one of its businesses, the decision applies to all employees of that business. Contributions and benefits are generally the same for participating Tribal governments and their employees as they are for other covered employers and employees.
  4. Elective coverage lasts a minimum of three years.

Choosing to participate

As a Tribal government, you can choose to participate in Paid Leave Oregon.

  1. If you choose to participate:
    • You will report wages and pay contributions quarterly;
    • Your employees will be eligible for Paid Leave benefits.
  2. If you choose to participate, please contact the Oregon Employment Department at

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We’re here to help. For answers to common questions, visit the Employer FAQ page or feel free to reach out to us at We’ll get back to you within two business days.

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