Updates to Paid Leave Oregon created by Senate Bill 1515

The Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1515 in March 2024. Some of the important changes in the bill affect how employees can use Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), paid time off (PTO), and workers’ compensation with their Paid Leave Oregon benefits. These changes are effective July 1, 2024.

OFLA and Paid Leave

SB 1515 removed some of the overlap between Paid Leave and OFLA, specifically about which “qualifying life events” OFLA covers. A qualifying life event is the reason you are taking leave, like having a baby, recovering from a serious illness, or mourning the loss of a loved one.

What changes on July 1, 2024, for me as an employee?

I’m taking OFLA leave for a qualifying life event that OFLA won’t cover after July 1. What should I do to keep my job protection?

You will need to apply for paid leave benefits to keep your job protection. You can apply for paid leave benefits through Paid Leave Oregon (the state’s program) or your employer’s paid leave equivalent plan.

You can apply for Paid Leave Oregon on Frances Online, the state’s online benefits system.

As an employer, what do I need to do?

  • You must tell your employees about the upcoming changes to OFLA.
  • This is important for your employees who are currently on OFLA leave for qualifying life events that OFLA won’t cover after July 1. These employees will lose their job protections after July 1, unless they apply for paid leave benefits.
  • If your employees want to continue their job protections, they may apply for paid leave benefits through Paid Leave Oregon (the state’s paid leave program) or their employer’s paid leave equivalent plan.  

For more information visit the OFLA website or review our fact sheet.

Paid Leave Oregon benefits and employer-provided paid time off (PTO)

What’s changing for employees and employers on July 1, 2024?

  • Employees can use any of their accrued paid sick leave, vacation leave, or any other PTO offered by their employer at the same time they are receiving Paid Leave benefits.
  • Employers can decide if employees can receive more than their full wage replacement when they use PTO and Paid Leave benefits at the same time.
  • When employees have more than one type of PTO available, employers may also choose the order that employees use PTO (this may be affected by collective or other agreements between the employer and employee). For example, an employer may require an employee to use their vacation leave first and then their sick leave.
Employers: You may need to change your PTO policies to match these changes.

Workers’ compensation updates

I’m an employee, what’s changing for me?

  • Starting July 1, the only type of workers’ compensation benefits that you can’t use with paid leave benefits are time loss benefits. Time loss benefits are worker’s compensation benefits that replace your wages.
  • This means you can receive other types of workers’ compensation benefits (medical reimbursement, survivors’ benefits, etc.) and still be eligible for paid leave benefits.