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June 2022 Bulletin - 06/21/2022

Small Employers: June 2022 Spotlight

About 90% of all businesses in Oregon are considered small employers by Paid Leave Oregon, according to Employment Department data. This month, we wanted to focus on small employers and the top three questions we have been hearing about how Paid Leave Oregon may impact them.

  1. How do I know if I am a small employer or large employer?
    • For Paid Leave Oregon, a small employer has less than 25 employees. We will use payroll reports to count employees to determine employer size, including full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees, as well as out-of-state workers. Only workers hired to replace employees taking paid leave are excluded from the count.
  2. Are small employers required to pay contributions?
    • Contributions are paid by all employees (60% of the 1 percent contribution rate) and large employers (40% of the contribution rate). Click here to learn more about contributions. Small employers are not required to pay the employer portion (40%) of contributions, but they still must withhold and submit the employee portion of contributions with their payroll reports.
  3. Is there support for small employers when their employees take paid leave?
    • Yes. Small employers that agree to pay the employer portion of contributions can receive assistance grants. Assistance grants give you funding to help hire or train a replacement worker while one of your employees is out on approved paid leave. These grants are $3,000 for replacement workers or $1,000 for wage-related costs. You can receive up to 10 grants in a year.
Learn more about how Paid Leave Oregon may impact small employers by reading our small employer fact sheet found on our resources page.

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