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October 2023 Bulletin - 10/17/2023

October Spotlight: Tips for speeding up your claim

Since we started accepting applications on Aug. 14, Paid Leave Oregon has been tracking and posting data on the Oregon Employment Department’s dashboard. The latest data through Oct. 6 shows about 22,000 people have applied for benefits to date, and applications have increased quite a bit in recent weeks.

So far, Paid Leave has approved almost 13,000 applications and paid about $21 million in benefits. Benefit payments started going out to Oregon employees with approved claims on Sept. 13.

Employees: If you plan to apply for benefits, you can speed up your claim by:

  • Informing your employer about your leave before you apply
  • Using the “What You Need to Apply for Benefits Checklist” and making sure you upload the correct documents for your type of leave
  • Checking your Frances Online account regularly for action notices and messages
  • Making sure to put the employer's name on your claim as it appears on your W2 or paystub

If your claim has incorrect information or if you don’t notify your employer, your claim may be delayed. Please use our checklist or check out our Apply on Frances Online video to help you get ready to file your claim!

Important news for employers with equivalent plans

If you’re an employer who provides your employees with an equivalent plan in place of Paid Leave Oregon, you need to make sure they know about this plan. Please remind them to file for benefits through your company by filing through your specific equivalent plan, and not through the state’s plan.

When your employees file through the state plan, we will deny their benefits. This may create confusion for your employee and delay their benefits through your equivalent plan.

If you have questions, please call 833-854-0166 (toll-free) or use our Contact Us form.

News and Events

Benefits Explained webinars continue

If you are an employee or community member and want to learn more about Paid Leave Oregon benefits, this is the series for you!

Join us for a presentation and an opportunity to ask questions. All are welcome. American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish interpretation provided. Please register in advance for the date that works best for you. 

  • Thursdays in October, 3 p.m.

There are also two sessions scheduled in Spanish:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 31, 7:30 a.m. Register online.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 1, 6 p.m. Register online.

Paid Leave Oregon is coming to local communities

Come visit Paid Leave Oregon staff at an event close to you. Look for our table and come say hello. We are excited to meet you and answer your questions. Please check out the news and events page for the full list.  

Portland:  Community Resource Fair – Wednesday, Oct.18, 2023
McMinnville: Community Baby Shower – Thursday, Oct.19, 2023

Don’t see an event you can attend, but know of an upcoming event? We are always looking for new opportunities to connect. Request an event using our website today.  

Real Voices

“I’m excited about the possibilities of Paid Leave Oregon.

Paid Leave Oregon is going to be a BIG relief when families need it most. When families have an emergency and the last thing you want to worry about is ‘How am I going to pay the bills now?’”


We want to hear your stories about how Paid Leave Oregon will help you and your family. We will use these stories, using your first name only, on social media and in marketing materials to share what having paid leave will mean for you. Please email us your story at

Join the Paid Leave Oregon team! 

Are you passionate about providing benefits to others and ensuring businesses, small employers, and employees are treated fairly? Consider joining the Paid Leave Oregon team. Additional Oregon Employment Department job openings are posted in Workday.

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