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July 2022 Bulletin-Website Announcement - 07/13/2022

New Paid Leave website

Paid Leave Oregon has refreshed its website and now is available at:

The website is more user-friendly, and the information you want is easier to find. It has:
  • Information for employers, employees and self-employed people
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Rules on how the program will work
  • Program resources and fact sheets
  • A “Get Involved" section with:
    • Information on upcoming engagement opportunities
    • A way to request for the Paid Leave team to present to your business or organization
    • A contact form, where anybody can submit questions to receive a response within two business days. We encourage employers, employees and the public to use this form to contact us with questions.
The new site also has Google translate features, is more accessible, and mobile friendly.

This winter, Paid Leave Oregon will launch a new comprehensive website in 11 languages, which will include interactive tools for employers and employees. We will announce later when that website is available.

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More information about Paid Leave Oregon is online at

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